GPS trackers

GPS tracker RV201

Device for monitoring of mobile objects.
Suitable for trucks. 

  • A GPS receiver with high sensitivity: 50 channels -162 dBm 
  • Built-in GSM antenna 
  • Quad-band GSM module (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz) 
  • Autonomy from the built-in battery 
  • Live tracking, data transmission via GPRS 
  • Configurable analog inputs and digital outputs 
  • Built-in memory to 30,000 waypoints 
  • Wide range of power

RV201 device is average in the lineup produced trackers.

This device detects the coordinates using GPS and transmits them, and other parameters to the server using the GPRS connection. This device is perfect for applications where it is necessary to determine the coordinates of the remote object, its speed and additional parameters such as the amount of fuel in the tanks, engine rotations, temperature etc.

Thus possible to determine the location of your cars, buses, trucks, agricultural machinery, ships, etc.

In case of power failure the unit will operate on internal battery , fully preserving performance. If the power of GSM signal, the data will be stored in the internal memory of the device and if it enters the reception area will be transferred to the server.